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Transport Pro has been providing brokers with cutting-edge brokerage TMS solutions since 2013. Before that, our team spent time in some of the largest trucking and brokerage companies in the United States, so needless to say, we picked up on a few things that could be improved. Our web-based TMS system was built from the ground up to help you increase operational efficiency in all areas of your organization from Freight Operations, Billing, Settlements, Accounting, and more.

Below is a more detailed description of some key features that highlight our award-winning TMS platform.

Carrier Capacity Tools

Find more carriers
  • Boost Carrier Reuse
  • Cover loads faster
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Are you spending hours of your day onboarding one-and-done carriers to cover your freight? Reusing your in-network carriers is an easy way to boost your daily gross profit. Transport Pro's carrier capacity tools help identify carriers already registered in your network, and automatically match carriers with available loads. Quickly identify carriers currently running freight for you and offer them their next load with a few clicks.

Our integration with load boards, such as DAT and Truckstop, allows brokers to post available freight from Transport Pro to the boards with a single click. Users can specify when to post loads, include their load board rates, and even leverage the online booking capabilities from some boards. As soon as a load is booked in Transport Pro, or if the load is canceled, we automatically remove the load from the external boards.

Digital Freight Booking

Digital Freight Matching
  • Increase Loads Booked Per Broker
  • Seamlessly Integrated
  • Enhanced Carrier Experience

The age of digital brokerage is upon us, and carriers are becoming comfortable booking loads online rather than dancing around a negotiated rate. When you're ready to begin offering loads online, Transport Pro has a built in online booking portal for your carriers. We provide you with a branded webpage for your available freight list, and your approved carriers can view freight offers and book those loads in real-time. In addition to online booking, carriers also have the ability to make an offer on a load which notifies your users and becomes available capacity in our Active Capacity platform, helping you cover freight quicker.

Spot Quote Management

Win more spot quotes
  • Place Bids 60% Faster
  • Track Employee Win Ratio
  • Increase GP by 30%

Bid fast, and bid more often. How long does it take you to respond to a spot quote request for your customer? 30 minutes? An hour? There is a lot of money to be made in the spot market arena, but you have to have the tools to bid quickly, and make sure you're submitting a winning rate. Transport Pro's Spot Quote system brings together your rate history and can integrate with rate sources like DAT RateView and DAT Ratecast to make sure your users have access to accurate freight rates at the tip of their fingers. What used to take five minutes to research, respond, and log a spot quote can be done in under 30 seconds.

In addition to responding to spot quote requests, Transport Pro stores all of this activity and provides a robust management dashboard to show leadership who is quoting, top lanes being quoted, and the quote win ratio. This data is the key to winning more freight and engaging your customers with qualified quote responses.

Carrier Compliance

Carrier Monitoring
  • Prevent Claims Due to Bad Carrier
  • Shutdown Bad Actors
  • 50% Faster Carrier Onboarding

Did you know there are over 5,000 new DOT numbers registered each month? How do you know if the carrier you just dispatched on that high value load has the authority or insurance to cover that movement? Transport Pro integrates with carrier monitoring tools to proactively monitor authority and insurance for your registered carriers. If a carrier loses authority or insurance, our system automatically shuts them down so they cannot be dispatched. There are also features to check insurance values against the commodity values and block dispatchers from booking loads on carriers who do not have enough cargo insurance to cover the load.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture System
  • 40% Faster Document Processing
  • Faster Customer Billing and Cash Flow
  • Carrier Satisfaction / Faster Pay

Transport Pro customers process over 100,000 documents per month. That translates to an average of 400,000 individual pages that someone reviews each month. You may not be processing that many documents per month, but as a broker you know there is a mountain of digital paperwork received each month from carriers and factoring companies. Each packet has to be assigned to a load, pages split apart separating carrier rate confirmations from bill of lading documents to send to the customer.

What if we told you this could be automated? Transport Pro's Intelligent Capture system allows us to analyze your inbound documents, determine which load it belongs to, and automatically assigns document types to each page. As you use Transport Pro and approve documents, our machine learning algorithms become smarter resulting in more accurate assignments. Our customers have been able to easily reduce imaging time by 60% within 45 days of using our imaging platform.

Track and Trace

Load GPS Tracking
  • Transparent Customer Tracking
  • Improve Communication With Carriers
  • Proactively Manage Exceptions

Freight Visibility and Transparent Transportation are just a few of the keywords we hear from shippers looking to monitor the shipments managed by their carriers and brokers. We want to make sure you have the tools to provide this visibility to your customers. Transport Pro includes live tracking links for your customers with a branded portal so shippers can view the shipment status and tracking information for each of their loads. In addition, our Track & Trace tools prompt your dispatchers and tracking team to check in on shipments on a regular basis to make sure you're providing the most up-to-date information possible to your customers.

Transport Pro also integrates with tracking solutions such as Macropoint and Project44, providing brokers with the tools to request carrier tracking directly in the TMS. Location updates auto-save in Transport Pro, and automatically updates driver shipment ETA calculations and alerts, providing customers with the visibility they require.

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Software Support

Transport Pro offers free email support for all customers. In addition, Transport Pro provides customers with user manuals and videos for training purposes. Below is a list videos to help and we can provide user manuals upon request.

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Our Process

We like to get to know you and your business needs. A Transport Pro team member will take the time to cover all of the software features and train your team on how to use the system to make sure you take advantage of the efficiencies Transport Pro can bring.









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